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Our Success Stories

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Rena Lewis worked at 1881 during her senior year at Southern University in Baton Rouge. As an electronics engineering technology student, she led all of 1881’s electronics related activities. Rena’s story is exceptionally special because she turned down an internship with Entergy to work with 1881 during the summer of 2016. 1881’s staff felt obligated to connect her with an industry employer and upon graduation in December 2016, Rena was offered a job in Florida with Lockheed Martin - former employer of 1881’s executive director

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Taylor Williams worked at 1881 after completing her freshman year at Tuskegee University. After interning with 1881 for two summers (2016 and 2017) she felt it was time to get some corporate experience to further enhance her mechanical engineering degree. Thus, 1881 worked with Taylor on her resume and her interviewing skills and she landed an internship with UTC Aerospace Systems in summer 2018. The 1881 Institute continued coaching Taylor through her internship and she received an offer from UTC Aerospace for a permanent position after graduation. 

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Phillip Dimacali’s first and only experience was with 1881 in summer of 2018. During the summer, he led all of the organization’s CAD activities in Solidworks. Phillip is a junior at Florida State University and continues his work with 1881 long distance. Several weeks ago Phillip texted 1881’s executive director to let him know that he accepted an offer with Naval Engineering Logistics Office as a civilian engineer. He iterated that companies he talked to during his school’s career fair were extremely impressed with his work at 1881. The 1881 staff is glad to have Phillip’s services while he completes his bachelor’s degree.

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Jonathan Gutierrez is an electronics engineering technology student at Delgado Community College and will receive his associate degree in 2018. Jonathan interned with 1881 during the summer of 2017. After Jonthan’s work experience in summer 2017, he continued to work on projects at 1881 that would strengthened his resume during the fall of 2018. Jonathan participated in Entergy’s Career Pathways program, but Clearworld, LLC snatched Jonathan, before Entergy could hire him, to work as an engineering technician. Jonathan credits his experience working with Solidworks at 1881 that gave him the edge over other candidates.

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Ave Maria Bordenave worked with 1881 during 1881’s robotics after school program in fall 2016 through summer 2017 while she was completing her last year in electronics engineering technology department at Delgado Community College. During her time with 1881, Ave insisted that she would not attend Southern University. However, after some prodding by 1881 staff and a few phone calls to Southern University’s engineering department, Ave was offered a full scholarship to complete her bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering Technology at Southern University.

University Student


As a student at The 1881 Independent School you will be exposed to real world experiences as you complete both your High school Diploma and your Associate's Degree requirements. 

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The 1881 Vocational School is a homeschool group and subsidiary of The 1881 Institute. The 1881 Institute (1881) - named after the year the Tuskegee Institute was founded - is a nonprofit, workforce development initiative that prepares underrepresented populations to successfully enter fields in engineering and technology . 

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